Innovations Governing Board Seeking

4 New Members

Term: July 2019 - July 2022 (3-year term)

The Innovations Governing Board consists of a variety of members who possess a myriad of qualities, expertise, professions and skills who seek to support the mission and vision of Innovations Public Charter School.

Applicants sought who posses knowledge, expertise and experience in the following fields

  • legislature, government organization, policy development

  • medical, health industry

  • accounting and financial


TITLE: Board member, Board of Directors

PURPOSE: To serve the Board as a voting member, of the autonomous governing body of IPCS to develop policies, have oversight of the financial and academic viability of the charter school as well the activities and affairs of IPCS. 

TERM: Three Years.


  • Attend regular monthly meetings of the IPCS Board of Directors which are approximately 2 hours in duration and held on campus once month at 4pm. Be accessible for personal contact between board meetings

  • Prepare in advance decision making policy formation at board meetings by taking responsibility for self education on the major issues before the board.

  • Responsibly review and act upon Teacher Team and Leadership Team recommendations brought to the board for action.

  • Maintain a professional and positive working relationship with all members of Teacher Team, Leadership Team and fellow Board member as stated in the IPCS Code of Conduct Policy.

  • No Board Member at IPCS shall knowingly disclose confidential information gained by reason of information shared at a Board meeting as stated in IPCS Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Utilize your personal and professional skills along with relationships and knowledge for the advancement of IPCS. Including Fundraising as requested.

  • Provide leadership and support to the Teacher Team, Leadership Team and Committees.

  • Commit time to developing financial resources for IPCS as well as supporting other fund development activities.

  • Participate in an annual board development and planning retreat.

This is just a sampling of some of the responsibilities expected of a member of the IPCS Board of Directors.

If you interested applying for membership on the Innovations Governing Board, please complete the attached application and submit to:

Governing Board Application

You will receive an email confirmation of receipt of your application and a follow-up meeting will be scheduled to discuss the potential of serving on Innovations Governing Board.