Phone Number: 331-3130

IPCS is located on the mauka side (east) of Queen K between Nani Kailua Dr. (light) and Hualalai Road. There is a sign at the entrance.

Important Note: There is “No Left Turn” in to the property and “No Left Turn” exiting the property. Cars must enter coming from the south and exit going north. The entrance is one-way; exit is one-way.

Approaching from the North:

You will need to go past the school and turn around at Pualani Estates so you approach the entrance from the south.

If your starting point is North of town:

Travel south on Queen K Hwy, passing through town, past Henry Street (Borders Books / Walmart Intersection) and continue south past Nani Kailua Dr (stop light).

You will go past the school on your left. Continue traveling south until you get to the turn out lane for Pualani Estates. Turn left into Pualani subdivision and turn around, re-enter the highway.

Proceed to the IPCS entrance and turn right (just after the Highway 11 sign).

Exit the property using the one-way exit road and turn right (No Left Turn).