Performing Arts

Innovations Performing Arts Program includes instruction in the areas of drama and music. Students participate in instruction in the area of performing arts on a weekly basis.

Music Curriculum Focus Includes:


Body Expressiveness and Rhythm. Students will learn basic elements of percussion, singing, and recorders.

Grades 3/4

Tone, notation, and ensemble work. Students will learn how to develop a quality sound through choir and ukelele classes.

Grades 5/6

Beginning keyboards, section work, and songwriting. Students will learn about elements of songwriting by studying different genres, including jazz, classical, and contemporary music.



"Groove Workshop". Students who play instruments or sing will play together in an ensemble, focusing on layers of a group and their interlocking parts. Students will perform and study elements of classical theme and variation, drum and bass, reggae, funk and soul music.


"Catch a Fire". Students will learn about the musical styles of different island cultures including Jamaica, Hawaii and Cuba. They will write, record and perform their original compositions.