“Bridge the Gap” Annual Fund


Why is there a gap and a need for an annual fund?

There is a gap between the actual cost of an Innovations Education which is $7,600 per student and the state per pupil funding for the current fiscal year of $5,600.  Innovations finance staff and board are working hard to solicit grants and federal funds to help bridge the gap.  The school is committed to bridging the gap by $1,000 per student via grants and federal funds.  We need parents and the community to help bridge the remainder of the GAP:  

Our Annual Fund “Bridge the GAP” goal is $224,000.  As we have 224 students and need to bridge $1,000 per student.

Summary of the gap?

  •             Annual Per Pupil Cost of Educating and Innovations Student              $7,900
  •             Annual State Per Pupil Funding                                                             $5,900
  •             Gap to be bridged by school, parents, community and grants             $2,000

Please help us “Bridge the Gap” in order to continue our quality education for our keiki.   No donation is too small or too large –we are aiming for 100% participation from our ohana.

Why give?

  • Annual Fund gifts support all areas of the school including a vibrant fine and performing arts program, technology instruction, garden and sustainability, state of the art facilities and an outstanding faculty.
  • Since state per pupil does not cover all of the actual costs of a student’s education, Innovations relies heavily on donations, program and facility grants.  Annual Fund gifts benefits every single child at Innovations.
  • Every gift counts ($5.00 to $50,000+) Foundations and corporations often look at the number of donors when choosing the level at which they will support Innovations.
  • A gift to the Annual Fund is tax-deductible as charitable contribution.

How Do I Make a Gift?

  • Make a check payable to IPCS
  • Make a monthly pledge payable to IPCS
  • Pass this flyer on to grandparents, family and friends who may like to support IPCS

If you have any questions, please contact Ikaika Hauanio at

(808) 322-1577 ikaika_hauanio@ml.com