SY 2017-2018

Minimum Qualifications: Grade 7-8 Certification
Looking for: committed, science / middle school educator with experience working in multiage groupings; enjoys working with all ability learners and has the skills to help students reach high academic standards; expertise and experience in individual and small group instruction within a classroom setting; has proven classroom management skills; values collaboration with staff, families and the surrounding community; is flexible, creative, likes to have fun and loves children.
Education and experience required / desired: must have teaching credential and willingness to go through teacher licensing procedures for state of Hawaii and NCLB Highly Qualified requirements; teaching experience in alternative education setting such as developmental, multi-age thematic or project-based curriculum; standards-based instruction; with education/experience strengths in curriculum development, technology and science; excellent communication skills and able to work well with parents and community members.
Attitude desired: Enthusiastic; motivated to work collaboratively with a team of teachers to plan integrative lessons; willingness to be part of a parent, teacher cooperative, open to new methods of educational instruction.
Duties and Responsibilities: responsible for planning, developing and implementing integrated science curriculum and advisory program with multiage groups; supporting student learning throughout the day; attend trainings and staff development opportunities; sharing in the management of the school; attendance at board meetings, team meetings and school events or other functions that go beyond the classroom and regular teaching hours.
Salary Range: Department of Education (DOE) certificated employees will be placed on the salary range in accordance with Department regulations. Pay scale for teachers coming from out-of-state or non-DOE is determined by personnel department in Honolulu. Education credits and years of teaching experience determine placement on the pay scale.